Mommy wanted to adopt another kitty since she already was the guardian of my brother and sister. So she went on the Internet to check out the local animal shelter's website. She noticed another little black female kitty that was available for adoption. I was also featured on the website, but I was not up for adoption when she was looking. She headed down to the animal shelter with grandma asked about the little black kitty, and found out she was already adopted; Thank goodness, because she would have not adopted little ol me. While she was looking around for another kitty to take home she noticed my picture on the door. It said that I just went up for adoption two hours ago. Mom asked to see me and was put into a waiting room to view me. I came in and then saw my mom for the first time, I started purring, kissing, and rubbing up against mommy. She visited me for over a half hour and said to the lady that she would like to take; this little sweet heart; home with her, and give her the best life ever. I was so HAPPY!!! ..Well, there you go, that is how I arrived at my home, and became part of mommy's family. I just LOVE it here! Mommy takes lots of pretty pictures of me, and she made me this cool website for me. I really like it, pretty don't you think? ..Truth be told, I'm a VERY spoiled kitty, but no one has to know that. Let it be our little secret. *wink* ;-)

About Me:

Name: Priscilla Presley

Birthday: March 9, 2006

Nicknames: Whootz, Grey Matter, Cilla, Baby Whootz, Butter Whootz

Likes: Cat Treats, Sleeping, Talking, Cuddling

Pet-Peeves: Loud Noises, Dogs

Favorite Toy(s): Catnip Mouses, Little Fur Cat Mouses, Turbo Scratcher, Tin Foil Balls, Fluffies

Favorite Nap Spot(s): Under Mommies Blankets, Kitty Chair, Kitty Hut

Favorite Food: Canned Tuna

Skills: Very Smart, Talks, Walks on a Leash, Cat Modeling, Comes to You When She is Called

Dwells: Indoor

Siblings: Blacks, Tili, and Bouncer

Apperences: My Halloween picture was displayed on my local news station on TV in October 2008.

Canadian Kitty

Purrfect Beauty
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